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  • Brands ZEP
  • Product Name: CHERRY BOMB
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It is a sensational paste for the cleaning of heavily contaminated hands, enriched with pumice and soft solvents. Effectively removes grease, butter, tar, asphalt, carcasses, paints, glues, resins, soot and dirt from contaminated hands.


Strong purge: immediately removes persistent industrial pollutants such as lubricants, coal, oil, tar, asphalt, carcasses, paints, glues, resin and soot. Already a small amount of the means allows effectively to wash out even strongly contaminated hands.

Rapid action: contains abrasive particles that further assist the washing process. They remove deep residual contamination without irritating the skin.

Pleasant smell: A new formula of the product with a light consistency, enriched with a pleasant cherry flavor. After use, the hands remain clean, soft and with a pleasant aroma of cherries.

Disinfects: It is a water-based product that contains no harmful solvents. Effectively eliminates unpleasant fragrances and leaves no definitive odor, like other products, based on oil and oil derivatives.

Handy: Enriched with softening agents that protect the skin from dryness, leaving it soft to the touch and giving it a pleasant smell of cleanliness and freshness.

Easy to rinse: the tool is easy, quick and completely washed away from the palms.

Application / method of use

CHERRY BOMB is commonly used in automotive workshops, mechanical workshops, ports, printing houses, city administrative buildings, recycling plants, paper mills, public places, construction sites and other industrial institutions and institutions.

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