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  • Product Name: TKO
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Excellent paste with soft flexible plastic microgranules to clean the heavily contaminated hands, provides a soft cleansing.


Strong purification: immediately removes heavy industrial pollution from washing, such as: grease, butter, soot, tar, asphalt, carcasses, paints, adhesives, resin and dirt that is highly penetrated (injected) into the pores of the skin.

Rapid action: contains particles (flexible plastic microgranules), which allows you to very well clean hands from various types of industrial pollution.

Pleasant aroma: this is a new formula with a slight pleasant smell of lemon, leaving the palms clean and fresh.

Handy: it does not contain solvents that dry the skin of the hands; instead, it contains polymeric microgranules, which remove highly contaminated dirt in the skin, without causing shrinkage and irritation. Contains softening agents.

Biodegradable: all detergents and / or emulsions contained in the TCP are completely biodegradable.

Application / method of use

TKO is a very good product for machine-building, printing companies, automotive services, mechanical maintenance companies, construction companies.

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