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Food and beverage

Food and beverage

AQUA SOJA Soya-based multi-purpose degreasing cleanerFeatures:Effective: Liquid detergent for c..

CLEANSOLV HEMeans for degreasing and dissolving fast evaporation.Certified NSF K1 and K3 (registrati..

D LUB 2 AEROMultifunctional super lubricant in aerosols for the food and pharmaceutical industry.Fea..

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DEBAC Powerful disinfectant and cleaner.Provides the ideal basis for infection control and hygi..

ERDISIL NEW AEROSilicone anti-adhesive and restorative.ERDISIL is not a toxic, harmless, silicone oi..

FS C.I.P. CLEANER Non-foaming alkaline detergent for ricirculating cleaning.Features:Heavy-duty..

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