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  • Brands ZEP
  • Product Name: EXTRA
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Concentrated industrial floor cleaner.


It cleans many types of surfaces, including concrete, masonry, stone, tile and even road construction.

Contains moisturizing and emulsifying components, as well as solvents that dissolve fat and oil. Very effective for difficult to remove contaminants such as ink, soot and concrete deposits.

Insensitive to hard water.

Does not cause irritation; the product does not contain a solution of sodium hydroxide and does not emit odors or caustic vapors.

Contains no toxic substances and phosphates.

More than 90% biodegradable.

Zep Extra alkaline formula eliminates animal and vegetable fat.

It is very easily washed off with water, does not leave divorces.

Ideal for use in scrubbers thanks to its low foaming formula.

Safe to use on all modern types of waterproof flooring.

Allowed for use as a floor and wall cleaner on many surfaces.

Form liquid
Color transparent red
Smell butyl
рН ± 13,5
Density ± 1.06 g / cm³

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