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DRY MOLY AERODry molybdenum lubricant in aerosol.DRY MOLY is a dry molybdenum lubricant in aerosol p..

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DUSTWATS Additive for strengthening cement mortars and improving their adhesion.Features:Improv..

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DYNA 143 Degreasing solvent for use in parts cleaners.Features:- Degreases mechanical parts con..

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DYNA 680 T2 Degreasing solvent.Meets the specifications of MIL-PRF-680 Type II.Features:- Excel..

EMULROUT BLACK The bitumen mixture is ready for use.Features:- Cold-bitumen base.- Does not req..

ERASE NEW AEROAerosol is a highly effective means for removing graffiti and paint, for sensitive sur..

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