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I.D. RED - aerosol washing and degreasing agent for electric equipment with a special degreasing formula with rapid evaporation. Does not conduct current and does not cause corrosion, removes grease, oil and contamination without the need for disassembly, safe for plastics, rubber and paint coating.


Rapidly evaporates: quickly evaporates from the surface to be cleaned, leaving electronic and electrical elements without any traces.

Effective: effectively penetrates and removes contamination, cleans electrical and electronic elements without the need for their disassembly.

Does not leave traces: completely and completely evaporating leaving the cleared surface without any contamination and traces.

Not harmful to ozone: does not contain ozone-depleting compounds, such as 1,1,1-trichloroethane or chlorofluorocarbon.

Harmless for materials: safe for most plastics, metals, paints, rubber products, silicone, epoxy components, paper and other coatings. Does not damage paints and varnishes used for insulation.

Does not cause corrosion: contains components that prevent the formation of corrosion on metal surfaces, is conductive and safe for sensitive equipment.

Application / method of use

I.D. RED is an effective detergent and degreasing agent that contains a special formula for quick degreasing. It is used for cleaning and degreasing electrical circuits, switchboards, contact boxes, measuring instruments, electric motors, switches, measuring devices, indicators, batteries, transformers and automotive switches and electronic systems.

General guidelines for cleaning equipment:

1. Disconnect the cleaner from the power source.

2. Spray the drug I.D. RED on the cleaning surface from a distance of 15-20 cm.

3. Flush with compressed air before re-connecting to the power supply.

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