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DYNA 143

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DYNA 143 

Degreasing solvent for use in parts cleaners.


- Degreases mechanical parts contaminated with oil or grease such as filters, gearboxes, pumps, clutches, engine assemblies, leaf springs, etc.

- Cleans letters and numbers, printers, printers, offset printers and more.

- Clears the motors.

- Excellent dissolves oil, grease, tar, fuel.

- Does not corrode metal, plastic or seams.

- DYNA 143 is a safer and more efficient replacement of low quality hazardous solvents.

- Leaves protective anti-corrosion treatment.

- A soft volatile solvent minimizes evaporation losses.

- Ignition temperature above 61 ° C.

- Does not contain chlorinated solvents or glycols.

Form clear colorless liquid
Smell solvent
Density approximately 0.78
Flash point > 61 ° C
Aniline point 70 ° C
Dielectric strength (ASTM D 877) 51000 V / cm

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