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  • Product Name: STRIP OFF AERO
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Removal of paint, lacquer coatings and rubber seals, without chloride content.

Removes paints (acrylic, vinyl, glycerin), antifungal paints, as well as varnishes, enamels, alkyd and epoxy resins, polyurethanes, lubricants and oil paints. In addition, it removes sealants, as well as graffiti.


Versatility: removes all types of paints, varnishes, sealants, compounds and their residues on surfaces that are resistant to solvents without risk to health.

Penetrates and removes difficult to remove paints: removes most resistant lacquer coatings and paints, penetrates and softens vinyl coatings, as well as removes adhesives.

Safety: Does not contain chlorinated solvents. In addition, it has a non-combustible component.

Contains active substances: has a very high content of active substances (> 85%).

Multifunctional application: is a product for use inside and outside the premises. Useful for use on car bodies, grates and doors, on floors and walls, on forms in the manufacture of plastics.

Adhesion to the vertical surfaces: thanks to the concentrated formula, it allows you to stick to the vertical surfaces. This increases the contact of the product with the surface and the strength of its action.

The properties of the solvent: dissolves the remnants of plastic (bangs), which can reduce the quality of the forms made of plastic.

Application / method of use

Before use, you need to shake the aerosol, and to increase penetration, remove the dye from the surface. Distribute to the required surface from a distance of 20 cm. Leave to act for 10-15 minutes (depending on the thickness of the coating, compound or filler to be removed) until the product dries (penetration of the active substance and evaporation of the solvents).

The appearance of bubbles indicates the effectiveness of the remedy. Use a scraper or wire brush to remove the whole layer of paint or residue. Rinse with water.

ATTENTION: Before using the product on polyethylene, polypropylene and polyester, it is necessary to test on a small area of ​​the surface. Do not use for PVC, polystyrene, organic glass (polyacryl) and rubber. It is recommended to use protective gloves and glasses. Follow the instructions on the packaging.

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