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Professional cleaning and maintenance

Professional cleaning and maintenance

1,512 ₴

TKOExcellent paste with soft flexible plastic microgranules to clean the heavily contaminated hands,..

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VITA GARDENIA Perfumed floor cleaner.Everyday maintenance of floors, tiles, marble, limestone, ..

ZEP 40 NEW AERO Cleaner for glass, mirrors and all water-washable surfaces.ZEP 40 removes stain..

361 ₴

ZEP 65 AERONatural multipurpose solvent in the form of foam.ZEP 65 AERO is a solvent based on natura..

ZEP RESTOREA mixture of acrylic resins and plasticizers placed in a quick-drying solvent.Features:Pr..

ZEPTABS EVO Tablets for treatment of drain and drip trays of AC systems.A special product in ta..

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