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  • Product Name: ZEP 2000 NEW AERO
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Extremely stable dry PTFE grease.

ZEP 2000 is a very stable, dry lubricant with high purification and penetration properties in aerosol form. Ideal for use with high load conditions and strong surface adhesion. A unique combination of natural and synthetic lubricants combined with Tefl on®. Tefl on® is a registered trademark of DuPont Corporation and is used under the ZEP® Manufacturing license.


Deep penetration: contains solvents that evaporate very quickly. When carefully applied, penetrates deep into the middle of the joints, even in very dense places. Prevents dry start and excessive wear of machinery.

Corrosion inhibitor: forms a layer that does not pass water while working devices, protecting their surfaces from corrosion and rust.

High stability: when applied to the surface forms a long-lasting protective layer, which prevents excessive friction between the lubricating parts. Having the appropriate consistency (dry grease) - does not leak and does not leak even under the influence of high pressures, vibrations, strong shocks and high temperatures.

Water resistance: effective in working with steam, and for devices that operate under water.

Wide range of operating temperatures: forms a very stable lubricating coating that does not lose its properties in a wide temperature range from -20 ° C to + 140 ° C.

Efficiency: after one application, it creates long-term protection and, unlike ordinary grease, eliminates old grease when applied to a new layer.

Application / method of use

This is the ideal tool for lubricating open gear wheels and gears, chains, valves, screws, etc. Suitable for use in construction equipment, air conditioning, cement plants and quarries, drilling equipment, equipment for quarries, mobile drilling rigs, earthwork equipment, metallurgical combines and steel mills, water dispenser devices, metal processing machines, passenger and commodity elevators, typewriters, sawmills and equipment for wood processing, in the textile industry, etc.

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