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Polymer composition that binds rust.

PAROXIDE is a formula characterized by strong penetrating action, simultaneously binds rust, and protects the surface, also makes it possible to cook a rusty surface before painting without sandblasting, grinding or stripping with wire brushes, leaving a protective polymeric layer on the metal surface.


Binds rust: it chemically converts rust into a protective layer, deprived of moisture and protective surface from oxidation and fracture.

Deep penetration: very quickly and deeply penetrates rusty surfaces, up to the edge of rust and intact structure of the metal, which allows the formation of an effective polymeric membrane that protects against re-oxidation.

Compatible with painted coatings: the remedy itself represents both the perfect primer (the first coat) and the superficial protection, respectively, it can be painted with most paint intended to stain surfaces without special preparations.

Reduces costs and complexity: does not require expensive and time-consuming training, such as, for example, sandblasting, grinding, etching and stripping. Completely polymerizes rust and protects metal from further corrosion.

Waterproof: Can be applied even on a moist and unprepared surface.

Safe: Does not contain phosphorus and chlorinated solvents. Unlike similar products, it does not distinguish "heavy" odors. Not toxic and non-flammable.

Very economical: it is a very economical product - one liter is enough to cover 20 m ² of surface, while providing protection of the covered surface for several years.

Easy to use: Can be applied in a variety of methods - brush, roller or spraying.

Application / method of use

PAROXIDE is an ideal tool for protection, both from corrosion and in general. It can be used in the marine industry, in shipbuilding and automotive industry, in land and sea transport, in agrotechnics, in manufacturing enterprises, in the transport sector. The device can be used on pipes and cranes, steel constructions, equipment, spare parts, steel fences, bridges, heavy equipment (tractors, excavators, graders, etc.), on ships and vessels, and wherever the problem is the appearance of rust.

For highly oxidized surfaces, it is first necessary to wipe the surface with a brush to remove rough particles and detachment. For non-rusty metal - degrease the surface with 10% solution SPECIAL or another of the same type, and then rinse. Shake the bottle before use. Apply PAROXIDE evenly over the entire surface to be treated with a brush, roller, or spray (airbrush). For thick layers of rust it is necessary to apply two layers. In the case of hot weather, it is recommended to dilute PAROXIDE with 20% water.

First, the product is light-cinnamon color, after 4-5 minutes, the color becomes blue with a tint, and after another 10 minutes - black. You can paint the surface three days after drying.

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