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Aerosol preparation for cold zinc-coating.

KAMOVE ZINC AERO creates an elastic protective zinc barrier that protects metals from water, moisture, abrasion and chemical corrosion. It combines in itself and convenience (use of an aerosol can), and efficiency (creation of a galvanic barrier for the prevention of corrosion).


High stability: creates an extremely stable galvanic coating to extreme environmental conditions, including water, salt, gasoline and difficult weather conditions.

Anticorrosion action: It is a much better solution than commonly used paints, chemically modifies the surface and prevents the formation of rust and corrosion due to moisture.

Elastic coating: creates a more elastic and elastic coating than paint, thereby preventing rust penetration under the coating, preventing it from peeling.

Restores damage to the galvanic coating: adjusts the zinc coating of the factory, applied electrolytically or at a temperature (for example, scratch removal).

Ideal primer: can be considered as an ideal primer under the surface paint.

Extremely adhesive: thanks to its extraordinary adhesion ideally adjoins even to the surface made of copper, aluminum and zinc.

Electrical conductivity: a great conductor of electric current, so it can be used on surfaces where electrical conductivity is required.

Temperature stability: stable at temperatures up to + 350 ° С. The treated surfaces may be subject to a welding process without danger of ignition.

Application / method of use

KAMOVE ZINC AERO is not a paint but a protective coating that contains as much as 90% pure zinc and therefore is an ideal anti corrosion protection and general protection of metal surfaces in the marine industry, shipbuilding and automotive, land and sea transport, agricultural equipment, industrial facilities, industry and infrastructure of the city. It can be used for: pipes, troughs and fittings, steel structures, equipment, spare parts, steel fences, bridges, heavy equipment, water supply systems, parts for sheet metal, welds, water tanks, conveyors and wherever the problem is the formation of rust and defects in zinc coating.

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