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Dry molybdenum lubricant in aerosol.

DRY MOLY is a dry molybdenum lubricant in aerosol perfectly solves the need for long-term lubrication in extreme temperatures and pressures. Adhesives to most types of surfaces to form a dry, black coating, reducing the time of application to a minimum.


High efficiency: protects surfaces that operate under extreme operating conditions (at high temperatures up to + 400 ° C and under high load, even up to a pressure of 7000 atm).

Speed ​​(drying): very quickly dries and adjoins to the spray surface, instantly protecting it.

Water resistance: protects against rust and corrosion. It is an excellent barrier to dust and particles of abrasive materials.

Protection against aggressive substances: protects against the harmful effects of oils, alkalis and most acids.

Long-term protection: long-term protection of equipment, which is periodically decommissioned. Prevents dry start and excessive wear.

Dry: protects those places where application of viscous oils and protective greases is unacceptable.

Conserves: preserves and lubricates moving parts that work in conditions of friction, facilitating their movement, which accordingly extends their lifetime.

Replaces graphite: releases prepilic surfaces, prevents discoloration and baking of metals, reduces noise from the work of engines and parts of machines, respectively, the operation becomes more comfortable.

Economic: provides a solid, dry layer with lubricating properties that protect against repeated contamination.

Application / method of use

DRY MOLY is great for lubricating all types of moving parts, especially those operating at high temperatures and under heavy loads, such as: bearings, gearboxes, pumps, machine parts, etc. It is also recommended for all parts where traditional lubricants are not allowed and in areas of high dust content, such as - in warehouses, elevators, mines.

DRY MOLY is used in metal processing shops, printing houses, in the manufacture and repair of cars, in plastics, in mines, in power plants, in construction companies, in the textile industry, in sawmills, and in the maintenance of woodworking devices.

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