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  • Product Name: CARPET 86
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Shampoo "dry foam" eliminates contamination and smells on carpets and upholstery.

The tool is recommended for use on carpets, upholstery and related fabrics in residential complexes, hotels, motels, hospitals, nursing homes, etc.


Cleansing: the cleansing agent eliminates odors and contamination on carpets and upholstery fabrics. Effective and designed for use as dry foam, and in equipment with a brush for carpets. Cleans without excessive wetting of fibers, fabrics and substrates.

Easy to use: clean with minimal amount of water, which speeds up the drying process and reduces the probability of shrinkage, refraction, loss of shape, etc.

Effective: removes water-soluble and fatty contaminants. Effective for preliminary spot removal. Special dehumidifiers absorb contamination and residues of detergents for easy removal by a vacuum cleaner. Does not leave sticky residues in the carpets, which contributes to the resistance to further contamination.

Safe: safe for all color-resistant carpets and fabrics.

Deodorizes: eliminates unpleasant smells, pet smells, cuisine and other aromas that are "detected" in the process of cleaning. Provides a fresh, "pure" fragrance for carpets and fabrics.

Application / method of use

Need to be diluted with water for use. Shake well / stir before using the product. Carefully rub the carpet or upholstery carefully to remove all loose dirt (dust). For cleaned surfaces for the first time, it is recommended to check for color stability in a subtle area. Dry foam technique: Dilute 1 part of the product with 100 parts of warm water, for moderately contaminated carpets. For greasy or severe contamination use 1:50 dilution.

After washing, leave the rug to dry, and then thoroughly clean it. Routine shampoo for carpets: Dilute 1 part of the product with 50 parts of warm water for moderately contaminated carpets. Increase concentration for heavily contaminated areas. Do not wet the carpet or carpet. Before the rug dries, spread all the villi on it in one direction. Do not walk on the carpet until it is dry. As soon as it dries, thoroughly cleanse.

Shampoo for upholstery: Dilute 1 part of the product with 50 parts of warm water. Apply foam to the cloth only with a sponge or a soft brush. Use circular motions for rubbing foam to the surface. Remove resin foam from fabric with a towel or a clean, dry cloth. Dip the cloth and then thoroughly clean it.

Do not use in excess concentrations to prevent irritation.

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