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LUBEZE TAPS IT SF  RTU metal working fluid for tapping and threading.

Ready to use metal working fluid in a practical 500 ml bottle, specially formulated for tapping and threading operations.


- Elevated lubricating properties: Contains powerful lubricating agents for excellent lubrication during operations. Eliminates the risk of chip adherence, reduces tool overheating and risk of breakage during processing.

- Safe for operators: LUBEZE TAPS IT SF does not contain chlorinated paraffins, has no hazard labeling and does not produce smoke or emit strong odours.

- Emulsifiable in water: The product can be emulsified in water which allows easy removal of the product from mechanical pieces after application.

- With EP additives: Extreme pressure additives allow the product to be used even in the most demanding conditions while maintaining excellent performance.

- Safe on metals: Contains special passivators and anti-corrosion additives, making it suitable for use on all metals.


LUBEZE TAPS IT SF should be used undiluted and should be applied directly on the tool. Dosing is easy thanks to the special bottle with dispensing spout, which optimises the use and reduces spillages. After application the product can be rinsed easily with water from the metal parts.

Form Liquid
Color Green
Smell Almost odourless
Density at 20 ° C ± 0,922 g/cm3
Solubility in water Emulsifiable
рН 9,3

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