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Service of transport and mechanisms

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MOLUBE AEROGrease for large gears of open gear.MOLUBE is an aerosol, molybdenum lubricant for open g..

NETOSOL Ultra high absorbency granulesNETOSOL rapidly absorbs all liquid spillages including oi..

PAINTHORPasta for hand cleaning, removes paint, varnishes, glues and resin.Features:Versatility: tha..

PAROXIDEPolymer composition that binds rust.PAROXIDE is a formula characterized by strong penetratin..

PRESTO HFE AERO Cleans electrical, electronic and all other equipmentPRESTO HFE degreases witho..

PROLUBE ALIM BLANCHE PROLUBE ALIM BLANCHE is a white grease, specifically developed for the ag..

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