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  • Product Name: DRY GRAPHITE II AERO
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Contemporary, dry graphite oil, in aerosol.

DRY GRAPHITE is an aerosol dry oil that perfectly solves the need for long-term lubrication under extreme temperature conditions where electrical conductivity is required. It is a versatile grease that adjoins most types of surfaces instantaneously creating a dry, electric conductive shell.

Product features and benefits

High efficiency: forms a dry coating that effectively lubricates and conducts current at high temperatures to + 540 ° C.

Versatile: has a very good fit to the surfaces of all metals and most plastics.

Prevents welding and zapping while maintaining conductivity: It is an excellent addition to tools that prevent welding and zapping (eg DRY MOLI) with an additional electrical conductivity property.

Stable: resistant to water, oils and alkalis, used to effectively protect the surface.

Dry lubricant: Due to the fact that it is a dry lubricant, it does not attract dust and dirt. Protects those places where there is unacceptable application of viscous oils and protective lubricants.

Safe: Does not contain trichloroethane and other hazardous substances, chemical compounds that have a negative effect on the ozone layer of the Earth.

Conducts electricity: perfectly protects surfaces that have to produce electric current.

Conserves: preserves and lubricates moving parts that work in conditions of friction, facilitating their movement, which accordingly extends their lifetime.

Economic: Provides long dry lubrication, protects against wear and repeated contamination.

Application / method of use

DRY GRAPHITE is suitable for lubricating various types of moving parts, especially at high temperatures, such as actuators, gears, gearboxes, pumps, and machine parts. It is also recommended to use in places where it is not allowed to use traditional lubricants, as well as in places of high dust content, such as - warehouses, elevators, mines and mills.

DRY GRAPHITE is also the perfect solution in cases where lubrication also requires the storage conditions of electrical conductivity.

DRY GRAPHITE is used in metal processing, manufacturing and repairing of automobiles, in particular in road transport works, automotive and industrial seals, hydraulic pumps, plastics, mines, shipyards, power plants, construction companies, textile industry, and also everywhere, where the important feature of the means is electrical conductivity.

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