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SX 11

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SX 11 

Color-coded scum cleaner.


Effectively removes lime, sludge and algae that settle rapidly in condensation coils, pipes, closed circuits of heating and cooling installations.

Safe for all standard metals except zinc.

Non-toxic, does not emit harmful fumes and has a long shelf life.

Safe replacement of hydrochloric acid.

Safe for almost all types of systems.

Fully stable during storage, unlimited storage time.

Easy to use with color code; if red changes to blue, lime still remains in the pipe and processing is still required.

The product can remain in the system for 24 to 48 hours without jeopardizing installation.

One liter of SX 11 has the ability to remove 1 kg of scale (1 liter of hydrochloric acid scale removes less than 500 g of scale). Therefore, the SX 11 is very economical to use.

Form liquid
Color red
Smell odorless
рН < 1
Density ± 1.4 g / cm³
Combustibility not flammable

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