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  • Brands ZEP
  • Product Name: NEW PLUS
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Shampoo for cars, brushing and waxing at the same time.


Quick-acting: quickly removes dirt, oil, grease, gasoline spots, road film and insects, without damaging any surface.

Protects: an acrylic-based car cleaner that leaves the protective molecular layer. The special wax in the medium leaves a rigid and elastic wax coating, provides a beautiful surface appearance and provides careful protection against all forms of contamination, including salts. Protects lacquer from scratches and leaves a shiny surface. Do not damage chrome, rubber, glass or paint. Perfect result, even without dry wiping.

Universal: Can be used with all types of tools and cleaning equipment. May be diluted in soft or hard water.

Biodegradable: the product is completely biodegradable and has no harmful effect on natural bacteria in sewers or sedimentation.

Save time: fast, easy and economical to use.

Application / method of use

It is used for cars, trucks, buses, taxis, agricultural machinery, light sports planes and other vehicles. It is very convenient to use ZEP FOAMATIC SUPER when working with NEW PLUS.

If ZEP FOAMATIC SUPER is not used, mix 15 cc of the product with 1 liter of water. Then apply the solution to the whole car. Rinse and then wipe the surface of the car with a soft cloth to achieve brilliance. If no wax or other protective treatment is used, then it is not necessary to rub the vehicle with a cloth (the main thing is not to allow it to dry itself under direct sunlight).

ATTENTION: Concentrate: Used in diluted form to 15 ml per 1 liter of water.

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