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  • Product Name: JET CLEANER
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Strong detergent for car wash without brush.

A powerful detergent for "brushless" car washes, suitable for all types of vehicles.


Cleans: cleans the car body without friction or brush, degreases the awnings of trucks (made of nylon or fabric) when used with a strong cleaner.

Effective: quickly and effectively removes protective films, traces of exhaust gases, dirt, grease and deposition.

Concentrated: highly concentrated and can be diluted with water to 1: 400. Creates a large amount of stable foam, which greatly increases contact time. The foam can be washed easily with detergent, does not leave the film on the machine.

Universal: When used at the recommended concentration, the product does not damage paint, glass, plastic, aluminum surfaces or cargo tarpaulins.

Safe and eco-friendly: Does not emit toxic fumes, it contains phosphates and NTA. It is completely biodegradable.

Application / method of use

JET CLEAN can be used in transport companies, car service stations and repair shops, car rental companies, tax service companies, bus companies, fire departments, police departments, etc.

JET CLEAN must always be diluted with water in at least 0.2% solution and not more than 2%, depending on the level of contamination. Stir before use stir.

Apply evenly over the entire surface, which is to be cleaned with a sponge, spray or pressure washer (with or without foam formation), always apply the solution from the bottom to the top. Allow to stand for several minutes and rinse with a high pressure hose (minimum pressure: 75 bar, minimum flow of 8 liters per minute).

Never leave the product dry before washing (for large vehicles, split the cleaning process into two parts, if necessary).

For automatic washers with rotary brushes, dilute the product to a concentration of 0.1% to 0.5%.

Used in automotive companies.

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