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HPC 87

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НРС 87

Special cleaning and degreasing cleansing agent for cold cleaning.


Fast-acting: LDC87 works fast and powerful, specially designed to solve problems associated with cold degreasing high-voltage equipment.

Prevents rust: Corrosion does not cause aluminum or glass with proper dilution.

Universal: When used with cold water, it also cleans the surface of the car body without friction and scratches.

Safe: Without phosphates, does not emit acidic vapors. More than 90% biodegradable, even in very hard water.

Defatting: degreasing awnings of trucks (nylon or textile) when used in cold form with a high pressure washer. It dissolves in water and removes plaque.

Application / method of use

LDC 87 is used in the transport sector, including in automotive companies, car service stations, municipal organizations, industrial enterprises, refrigerated trailers, shipbuilders and retailers. Concentrate: Used at dilution from 10 ml per 1 liter of water. Dissolve in water: use at least 2% solution (maintenance), no more than 10% (strong contamination). Apply to the surface to be degreased using a foaming agent or a spray gun, work from the bottom to the top, let it take a few minutes.

It is impossible to leave a means for drying on a clean surface. Wash with a high pressure hose with a minimum flow rate of 11 liters per minute. Set the pressure to 75-100 bar. For large vehicles, if necessary, repeat the process. If the vehicle is in a belt washer, pour the product into water to create a 1-5% solution.

For cars with chrome plastic strips, use at a concentration of 1% to prevent bleaching.

WARNING: Do not leave the product on the surface until it is dry. The undiluted product causes dimming of the paint. Do not wash under direct sunlight. When used in concentrated form, the product may cause dullness of paint and glass in automobiles.

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