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Transport, cars, specialized equipment

Transport, cars,  specialized equipment

799 UNIVERSAL CLEANER CONCENTRATE Strong concentrate for cleaning and degreasing, used on the o..

AEROLUBE NEW AEROWhite oil for multipurpose use, in the form of an aerosol.AEROLUBE NEW ™ AERO is a ..

AQUA SAFEAlkaline, non-greasy cleansing and degreasing agent (used in tableware). AQUA SAFE is desi..

AQUA SOJA Soya-based multi-purpose degreasing cleanerFeatures:Effective: Liquid detergent for c..

AQUA STRONG/DETEREL Aqua Strong is a heavy duty liquid degreaser specially formulated for use ..

BATTERY CARE NEW AEROIt is a device that cleanses and protects against corrosion, has the ability to..

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