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  • Product Name: ZEP RESTORE
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A mixture of acrylic resins and plasticizers placed in a quick-drying solvent.


Protective: densifies metal and painted surfaces when cleaning and repairing engines.

Brilliant coating: the acrylic coating dries to a transparent, glossy, non-yellowing state, acquires a solid state and no sticky and non-flammable properties.

Waterproof: forms a protective film from moisture on wiring, printed circuit boards and other sensitive elements.

Economical: easy to use aerosol.

Easy to remove: quickly washed off with solvents.

Safe for the ozone layer: Does not contain substances that destroy the ozone layer of the Earth.

Application / method of use

Used in order to provide a protective, glossy coating for refined and refined engines. It is used for sealing, water protection of wires, cables, PCBs and other electrical components, as well as protection of any surface exposed to external weather conditions (wind, rain, etc.).

Used in shops and warehouses for auto parts, for electric network services, new and used car sales centers, car repair shops, rental and leasing services, car wash equipment, industrial equipment suppliers, maintenance stations, etc.

Instructions for use:

Clean / wash the engine, remove all grease and dirt with the appropriate degreasing agent, following the instructions on the label. Allow the engine to completely freeze before applying the ZEP RESTORE. To achieve a better result, apply ZEP RESTORE at room temperature.

1. While holding an aerosol container at a distance of 30 cm from the surface, they were cut by wide motions from side to side, swinging from top to bottom.

2. Release the spray button after each swing and overlap.

3. Spray on the entire engine and adjacent surfaces, including electrical wiring, heating and cooling hoses (radiator), batteries and terminals.

4. It is recommended to apply two thin layers, not one thick one.

5. Allow each layer to dry for about 10 minutes, or wait until everything is dry before using the engine.

6. After using ZEP RESTORE, to clean the valve and spray head, turn the cylinder upside down, press the button and spray it for three seconds.

WARNING: May damage some types of plastics and / or painted surfaces. Before use, it is recommended to try on a small area.

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