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  • Product Name: ZEP 65 AERO
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Natural multipurpose solvent in the form of foam.

ZEP 65 AERO is a solvent based on natural citrus ingredients designed to remove heavy fractions of industrial contaminants from mechanical devices with exceptional cleaning efficiencies, compared with the same solvents on petroleum derivatives.


Safety: exceptionally environmentally safe solvent, created mainly on the natural components of citrus, in addition - contains no oil distillates, chlorinated solvents and butyl fractions.

Does not destroy the ozone shell of the Earth: as a solvent for purifying mechanical devices, it can be used in an unlimited amount, because it does not contain substances that destroy the ozone layer of the Earth (VOC).

Effective effect: is produced in the form of foam, which increases its efficiency in the dissolution and removal of stable lubricants and lubricants from mechanical devices. It does not corrode metals and is safe for most plastics. It is also great for use on ceramic tiles, porcelain, stainless steel, vinyl and aluminum.

A pleasant smell: leaves a pleasant fresh citrus aroma in contrast to the smells present in oil solvents.

Application / method of use

ZEP 65, as a safe solvent, is ideally suited for the removal of heavy fractions of industrial contaminants, bitumen, resins, industrial adhesives and coatings, rubber traces on industrial concrete floors.

Designed for use on aircraft manufacturing companies, road repair companies, second-hand shops, cleaning companies, industrial maintenance departments, printing plants, industrial equipment manufacturing companies, automotive industry, warehouse and office infrastructure, and t d.

Slicing to the required surface, there will be a dense, quickly disappearing foam. Then wipe with a cloth dissolved substances. If the surface is still in contact with food, then after cleaning it should be washed off with additional water.

ATTENTION: Before using the product on painted and plastic surfaces, it is always necessary to carry out a preliminary test on a discreet area of ​​the surface, and wipe it as soon as possible and wash it off better.

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