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  • Product Name: PROTEND AERO
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Protective cream in aerosol. Invisible glove.

PROTEND is an innovative product designed to protect your hands. Creates an invisible low-fat protective barrier against skin irritation that exists in the production. The action of the product is the formation of an invisible, dry film product in their hands, protecting them from the effects of weak acids, bases, oils, grease and other chemicals.


Protection: Prevents skin irritation from exposure to acids, bases, paints, grease, tar, resins, oils, epoxy compounds, solvents and other irritating substances.

Low-fat barrier: A protective, transparent cream that dries quickly and does not leave a greasy film. Contains gentle ingredients for the skin and leaves a pleasant smell.

Easy to use: very easy to apply. Enough to apply a small amount on the palms and evenly distribute.

It is easily removed: it can be easily removed by rinsing hands with water and soap.

Application / method of use

PROTEND is recommended for use in factories, industrial and automotive workshops, and wherever there is contact with excessive contamination and substances that irritate the skin of the hands.

ATTENTION: Before using the product, you should read all the instructions and safety precautions on the label.

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