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  • Product Name: PAINTHOR
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Pasta for hand cleaning, removes paint, varnishes, glues and resin.


Versatility: thanks to the use of an effective solvent it removes very quickly from the palms and hands of enamel, varnish, polyurethane paints, resin, glue.

Reinforced action: contains organic micro powder, which further helps in the process of washing.

Multidimensional: dissolves well and removes from the hands and hands the rests from sealants, protective coatings and glue.

Pleasant for hands: thanks to the content of natural softening and moisturizing substances, nourishes and regenerates the skin of palms and hands. Passed a dermatological test.

Eco-friendly: It consists of biodegradable ethers and is compatible with the standard AFNOR NFT 73 101 (solvent-free cleaning agents).

Pleasant smell: leaves on hands and hands a clean and pleasant aroma (apple), devoid of odor of solvent.

Application / method of use

PAINTHOR is used in industry, urban infrastructure, construction companies, painting studios, in shipyards, and wherever specialized work teams are working, faced with the problem of efficient cleaning of hands for the removal of hard-to-wash substances.

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