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MAT 100

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MAT 100

Concentrated industrial detergent for hot water and steam machines

Liquid alkaline cleaner specially designated for use in hot water, steam and ultrasonic machines.

Very thick, old layers of grime, oil and grease can be removed.

In most cases MAT 100 is highly effective in a 1-3% solution, but a 5-10% concentration can be used on stubborn grime or to prime heavy public works machinery for painting.

MAT 100 contains chelating agents that condition hard water and prevent the formation of scale.

Does not harm rubber or joints.

Also contains an anti-lime additive that slows scale build-up.

Can be used in the food sector.

Non-toxic, non-flammable, safe on all metals and does not damage paint at the recommended dilution rate.

MAT 100 does not give off toxic or obnoxious fumes.

MAT 100 leaves no film on the clean surface and therefore no rinsing off is needed prior to painting. Simply add the required amount of MAT 100 to the water and adjust the steam cleaner nozzle when suds appear.

Surfactants are over 90% biodegradable. 

Form Liquid
Color brown
Biodegradability 90%
рН 14
Density 1.14 g / cm3

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