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Spot removal tool.


Universal: effective in organic contamination. It also displays old faded spots of blood, paraffin spots and stains from medicines. Specially designed for cleaning working clothes, bathrobes, surgical and maternity linen.

Safe: more than 90% of surfactants are biologically folding.

Effective: Cleans quickly and practically does not form foam. Without phosphates.

Application / method of use

For pre-washing: use a solution of 0.5 to 2%. Apply the product directly to the spray (using a spray) using a solution of approximately 1%. Leave it for a while for the substance to penetrate the stain.

Pre-wash or soaking: depending on the level of contamination, add about 2% to 5% EXMO in water, or 1-1.5g per 1kg of laundry for pre-washing or soak for 4-7 minutes. If EXMO is used in undiluted form, then let stand for a few minutes. If necessary, rub a little brush to help remove stains. Then place things in the washing machine. In the end, you can rinse with an oxidizer, if necessary. Used in hospitals as a technical detergent.

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