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Dry Teflon oil in aerosol.

ZEPLON NEW AERO is a dry oil in aerosol, which provides long-term protection. This universal lubricant contains Tefl on®, which has the lowest friction coefficient among all known materials.

Recommended for use wherever it is necessary to eliminate friction and wear of materials, especially those directly related to the effect of high temperature.


Reduces friction: leaves a stable protective shell of micron size, which reduces friction and temperature of parts to a minimum on the principle of "small ball bearings" (the invention of the company DuPont).

Dry protective sheath: dry lubricant, which does not attract dust as opposed to viscous lubricants.

Chemically inert: does not enter into chemical reactions with oils, acids, bases, alkalis, solvents or water.

Does not leave traces: it does not contain oils, wax and sticky oily substances, which can leave spots and traces.

Universal: an effective lubricant for metal, plastic, wood, glass and many other surfaces. It holds well even on flexible surfaces.

Cumulative: has very good penetration properties and increases its effectiveness with each additional use.

Convenience of use: leaves a dry and non-sticky film that protects against dust and subsequent contamination.

Safe: Does not contain chlorinated solvents.

Application / method of use

ZEPLON is especially recommended for use in plastics, in mechanical engineering, in the manufacture of electrical and electronic equipment, as a lubricant for molds, where it is important to have a permanent lubricant or to have a high temperature effect in the textile industry, the forest industry.

Improves the efficiency of the process of wet wood sawing, cutting rubber, leather, paper, metal, applied to the tool or the working surface. It facilitates the process of removing rubber and plastic shapes. After cleaning the treated surface, the product does not affect the subsequent processes of painting, printing or gluing.

Shake the balloon well before use. Apply a thin layer evenly over the entire displaced surface. Wait a few seconds to dry the grease. When cutting wood, apply repeatedly on the tool, as soon as there is an increase in resistance.

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