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  • Brands ZEP
  • Product Name: ZEP 45 NEW AERO
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Multifunctional grease with extraordinary properties of lubrication (in aerosol).

ZEP 45 NEW AERO is a revolutionary lubricant in aerosols with high levels of cleaning and penetration. The product contains Tefl on® and Vydax® (PTFE), which are registered trademarks of DuPont and are used under the ZEP®Manufacturing license.


Rapid penetration: Reduces rust and jammed joints caused by corrosion, erosion and action of some types of lubricants, as well as industrial contaminants.

High stability and excellent lubrication: contains the advanced formula of a prepared mixture with Tefl on® and Vydax® microparticles, which creates the most slippery substance in the world.

Prolonged action: smoothly reduces friction, wear and temperature of the working unit, as well as creates a permanent, abrasion-resistant coating that lubricates and protects all moving parts.

Anticorrosive: forms an anticorrosive film, which extends the life of the working mechanisms, as well as reduces the time and cost of service.

Strong degreasing: Prepare a surface for maintenance and repair before its thorough and effective cleaning.

Wide range of operating temperatures: As a lubricant, it operates in a very wide temperature range from -55 ° C to + 246 ° C.

Application / method of use

ZEP 45 is a great tool for releasing rusty and engaging screws and joints. It has excellent lubricating properties for all moving, cylindrical and rotating surfaces. Radically reduces friction. Ideal for use in industrial and automotive repair shops, industrial plants, office equipment, etc.

ZEP 45 is 50% stronger than similar products on the market used for application in this area.

Shake the cartridge before use. Spray on a frozen or corroded surface at a distance of approximately 20 cm. For strong corrosion, first clean from dirt and rust.

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