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  • Brands ZEP
  • Product Name: PROLUBE SILVER AL
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The lubricant is based on semispherical microparticles of aluminum, resistant to extreme pressure and designed to withstand temperatures up to + 500 ° C.


High resistance to extreme temperatures: thanks to the aluminum content, it is very resistant to high temperatures and does not change its properties up to + 500 ° C.

High resistance to high loads (pressures): due to the content of its composition, a very high number of EP additives (additives improve stability to extremely high pressures) suitable for use in conditions of high overload.

High mechanical resistance: robustness at work at very high working loads, resistance to vapor and moisture condensation.

Permanent protective film: creates a uniform and continuous protective film, even after prolonged use in difficult conditions, which provides good protection against oxidation.

Application / method of use

PROLUBE SILVER AL is intended for lubrication of gears and components, such as: chains and bearings used in furnaces at high temperature, cores and clamping rollers and valves steams of steam generators.

Apply manually on external surfaces (spatula / shovel) or using pneumatic equipment manufactured by ZER.

ATTENTION: PROLUBE SILVER AL can be applied to all metal surfaces and other, resistant to mineral oils, as well as to bearings of the appropriate type.

PROLUBE SILVER AL meets the ISO 9001 standard.

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