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  • Brands ZEP
  • Product Name: PROLUBE ELECTRIC
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Special dielectric lubricant for use in electrical engineering with high dielectric properties (up to 20KV / mm).


Excellent mechanical properties: besides optimum water-resistance and oxidation resistance, it has excellent adhesion, which makes it possible to obtain a more stable lubricating coating with a higher resistance to water washing.

Protective properties: protects all electrical elements from harmful effects of salts, dirt and corrosion.

Wide application in industry: Due to its high dielectric strength, it is used on joints and connectors, as well as in electrical sockets to prevent wear of components. Reduces the probability of failures and short circuits. Increases the life of electrical equipment.

Application / method of use

PROLUBE ELECTRIC is used in electrical switchboards, automatic switches of AC and DC, connectors, electrical indicators, battery poles; in the field of lighting technology - incandescent lamps; in the automotive industry - joining sockets, wires, etc.

ATTENTION: Before using PROLUBE ELECTRIC, the surface must be thoroughly cleaned, which is why the ZER solvents are best suited to ensure the best possible contact with the surface. Apply to silicones resistant to metals and materials. Not recommended for use in precision bearings.

PROLUBE ELECTRIC meets the ISO 9001 standard.

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