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1,195 ₴

PROLUBE HSFully synthetic lubricant, which due to its excellent mechanical strength is ideal for use..

PROLUBE MARINESpecial lubricant for the marine industry.ProLUBE MARINE is a titanium oxide-based lub..

789 ₴

PROLUBE RAILSpecial grease is thickened with lithium 1,2-hydroxystearate with the addition of fine-g..

PROLUBE SILVER ALThe lubricant is based on semispherical microparticles of aluminum, resistant to ex..

RIBBON 19 Isolation, protection, liquid leaking reparation ribbon.Voltage resistor, electrical ..

460 ₴

RUST KO AEROUnlocking effect with thermal shock effect.RUST KO AERO is a solution based on molybdenu..

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