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525 ₴

WATELEC AERO Removes water and moisture from all electrical devices.Penetrates quickly. Removes..

575 ₴

ZEP 2000 NEW AEROExtremely stable dry PTFE grease.ZEP 2000 is a very stable, dry lubricant with high..

558 ₴

ZEP 45 DUAL FORCEThis is a premium product that has a very good penetration and lubrication capabili..

ZEP 45 LIQUIDRevolutionary lubricant with high purification and penetration properties.The product c..

538 ₴

ZEP 45 NEW AEROMultifunctional grease with extraordinary properties of lubrication (in aerosol).ZEP ..

446 ₴

ZEP 70 AERO Extremely safe, versatile soy-based aerosol grease.ZEP 70 AERO is an extremely safe..

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