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  • Product Name: MOLUBE AERO
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Grease for large gears of open gear.

MOLUBE is an aerosol, molybdenum lubricant for open gears and, in contrast to conventional oils and greases, has a "wet gum" consistency (extends along the gears, chains and devices, and returns again to achieve the effect of re-lubrication).


Penetrating lubricant: thoroughly lubricates, at the same time provides the maximum penetration to the bottom of the site, even in the case of very tight space. Prevents dry and excessive wear. Contains active molybdenum.

Long-lasting: applied to the surface produces a long-lasting protective layer, thus preventing excessive friction between the lubricated parts. Because of its consistency, "wet gum" does not leak and does not flow even under the influence of vibration, strong shocks and high temperatures.

Lubricates in a wide range of temperatures: a very stable lubricating coating that does not lose its properties over a wide temperature range from -50 ° C to + 360 ° C.

Waterproof: Effectively operates at high temperatures, in hot water and steam conditions, and also due to its density - in operating systems under water.

Economical: Provides long-term protection even after single use, and unlike ordinary lubricant can be used with a longer interval.

Application / method of use

MOLUBE is ideally suited for lubricating large open gears and gear wheels, chains, valves, drives in a water environment. It is used in construction equipment, cement plants and quarries, drilling equipment, earthmoving equipment, steel and metallurgical plants, water supply and sewage systems, industrial devices, waste water treatment plants, hydroelectric power plants, in marine and shipping domestic transport, as well as in the mining industry.

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