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Silicone anti-adhesive and restorative.

ERDISIL is not a toxic, harmless, silicone oil for polishing and anti-adhesive properties to surfaces. It consists of an extremely stable, even at high temperatures, silicone oil. This is a great anti-seizure medication. NSF Certified # 148887.


Reduces friction: reduces adhesion and abrasion of the surface. Silicone cleans and lubricates, radically reducing friction.

Protective properties: forms on the surfaces a protective insulation film that protects against water and contaminants, and the treated surfaces do not stick together during prolonged storage.

Aesthetic look: Does not leave greasy traces on the products, which means they retain their aesthetic appearance, for example, when used to store products.

Effective: Effective over a wide range of temperatures from -50 ° C to + 200 ° C.

Ideal for electricity: does not conduct current up to 16000V.

Excellent cleansing properties: Perfect for cleaning plastics, laminate and leather surfaces.

Application / method of use

ERDISIL perfectly lubricates mechanical components that are sensitive to contact with mineral oils (eg: microscopic mechanical parts), prevents the formation of mold. Ideal for cleaning the switches, potentiometers and regulators with the power of sound. Perfect for use in industry, in particular, in sawmill, construction, carpentry and plumbing, car service and textile manufacturing.

ERDISIL protects very well: sliders, rollers, valves, switches, matrices and shapes, guides, and regulators. Ideally restores appearance: plastics, metal, wood, leather and artificial leather products.

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