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  • Product Name: COPPER FILTE AERO
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Copper lubricant prevents jamming, an inhibitor of corrosion processes.

COPPER FILTE AERO is an excellent lubricant that prevents clogging and corrosion of all types of compounds operating in an extremely harmful industrial environment and in very high temperatures. Ideal solution for mounting and dismounting various types of joints.


Prevents rubbing and jamming: leaves a microscopic, long-lasting protective coating, resistant to high temperatures and corrosion factors, implementing a permanent and effective protection of compounds from rubbing and jamming caused by corrosion and very high temperatures.

Resistant to high temperature, hot steam and water: Protective coating is effective in the range of very high temperatures (up to + 1100 ° C). Resistant to hot steam and water washing.

Long-term protection: taking into account the content of copper particles in it, which is immersed in high-resistance corrosion-inhibiting long-acting lubricant, it is an effective solution for lubrication and protection during a very long period of time.

Extremely effective: at a certain stage prevents further rubbing and jamming (for example, between a nut and a screw), and also inhibits corrosion processes.

Economical: protects the connection from rubbing and jamming, and the surface - from high temperature, rust, hot steam and water, thus minimizing the costs associated with the laboriousness and the need to break down the joints when disassembling and replacing the surface with new ones.

Application / method of use

It is used wherever there is a risk of jamming or rubbing of joints, for example, on screws, joints, inserts, studs, bolts, washers, etc., as well as on chains, conveyors, conveyor belts, bearing bearings and t. .d

COPPER FILTE should be applied directly to the cleaned surface, which, if necessary, is best purified by I.D.RED. Before use, shake well.

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