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  • Brands ZEP
  • Product Name: D LUB 2 AERO
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Multifunctional super lubricant in aerosols for the food and pharmaceutical industry.


Rapid penetration, excellent lubrication: softens, ruptures vaulted joints, causing corrosion, abrasion and impact of old lubricants and industrial contaminants.

Safe for metals: It is completely neutral to metals, does not contain acids and bases. Colorless (does not leave traces).

Multifunctional: reduces friction, wear and creates a permanent rack to wipe the shell, which lubricates and protects all moving parts.

For use in the food industry: Ideal for maintenance in the food and pharmaceutical industry 365 days a year. NSF 138126

Easy to use: No odor.

Application / method of use

D LUB 2 AERO is a revolutionary tool for loosening and loosening of rust and "tight" screws and joints. It has very good lubricating properties, which allows you to apply this tool to a variety of moving and rotating objects (conveyors, rollers, guides, etc.). Reduces friction. For use in enterprises producing food products, pharmaceutical factories, kitchens, etc.

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