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Waterproofing surface treatment

Hydrobat 2000 is a hydrophobic coating for interiors and exteriors a base of silicone resins, specially formulated to protect building works from atmospheric agents and humidity 


- Protects walls against moisture penetration, prevents plaster from flaking. Walls are less moist, improving insulation and reducing heating costs. If applyed in interior doesn't affect the wall transpiration;

-  Does not change the appearance of the treated surface. 100% transparent, air permeable, allows air to flow to the object freely;

- During application, the temperature does not influence the final result. The product may even be applied at below freezing temperatures. Ready to use, may not be diluted;

- After cleaning, wood can be painted as usual;


Masonry and construction companies, bridge and road constructors, maintenance services, historical landmarks etc. To protect fac;:ades of structures, homes and build-ings, and tile and asbestos-cement sloped roofs. To pro-tect statues and monuments against the harmful effects of rain in parks and public gardens, to preserve archaeo-logical finds etc. For use on rural stone structures. 


For use on surfaces such as: concrete, mortar, tex-tured walls, asbestos-cement, limestone walls, stone, brick, stucco, roofing tiles, plaster. The surface must be suitable: Bloom and mould must be removed. It is helpful to remove dust using pressurized air. The sur-face must be bone dry: wait at least 24 hours after rainfall; if the fac;ade has been washed using a pow-er cleaner, wait three days (in case of dry weather). Can be applied at temperatures of lower than O°C (32° F), the temperature does not have an influence on the produci. Use undiluted. Apply using a brush, paint gun or sprayer. Always progress from top to bottom, stop when the surface no longer absorbs any of the sealant. After a few hours of drying, there is no longer any risk of Hydro bat 2000 being washed away by rain. Just one coat is often sufficient, but in case of highly porous surfaces, a second coat should be applied as soon as the first coat loses its shine.

Hydrobat 2000 may not be used for sealing foundations or for waterproofing terraces. Before applying, test Hyd-robat 2000 first on a surface that has been prepared for treatment. 

Form liquid
Color transparent
Smell odorless
Flash point flammable (flash point 38 ° C)

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