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  • Product Name: ERASE NEW AERO
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Aerosol is a highly effective means for removing graffiti and paint, for sensitive surfaces.

ERASE - an effective chemical preparation in a convenient and economical aerosol form, designed to remove graffiti and paint coatings. It can also be used to remove particularly persistent contaminants if other cleaning products that are available on the market do not solve the problem.


High efficiency and versatility: quickly removes most, even tightly adjacent, painted characters and dyes, including aerosol paint, ink, spots from ballpoint pens, markers, pencils, and also stains from lipstick, chalk, glue, etc.

Safe for surfaces: does not damage bricks, ceramics, concrete, granite, marble, metals (aluminum, steel, bronze, chrome), glass, porcelain, vinyl and other similar surfaces.

Convenient: supplied in the form of a convenient aerosol, which makes it easy to use, does not require mixing, mixing or measuring proportions for solutions, as is often the case with liquid products.

Save time and money: works fast. Eliminates the need for expensive, non-environmental and erosive sandblasting. Eliminates the need for re-coloring, regenerating the surface or replacing the coating with new ones (in the case of vinyl).

Strong cleansing properties: although it does not belong to the classical cleaning products, it can be used as the "last resort" when the available cleaning products are ineffective.

Application / method of use

ERASE is an excellent solution for maintaining surfaces in hotels, schools, public buildings, motels, office buildings and offices, factories, and city structures in an appropriate condition. It is a very good solution for municipal services and cleaning services (cleaning companies). Effectively cleans painted surfaces, and is also an ideal cleaning tool for general use.

Simply spray on the surface and wipe with a clean sponge or a piece of cloth. If there is a severe contamination, apply a tool, wait 15 to 45 seconds, brush or nylon scraper and wipe clean.

ATTENTION: Before using the product, it is necessary to conduct a test on a discreet area. May be harmful to some plastic surfaces, asphalt tiles, rubber and some paints and varnishes.

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